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With our Frigemates specialty products, you can support the military or your favorite college team, keep track of your diet plan.

Some specialty products are available for sale on our store, but we can also create custom Frigemates for gift, events or promotional products. Click a thumbnail to open our Specialty photo gallery.

Some customizing ideas:

  • We can match your color!
  • Custom strips with your organization name.
  • Theme Panels™ and Theme Borders™ can be customized.
  • The calendar can be customized to include dates that are important to you - family dates, company dates, etc. For example, a calendar with all family birthdays and anniversaries is the perfect gift for all your family members.

Contact us for a quote on your custom Frigemates products!

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Are you ambitious and self-motivated? If so, you may be just the person we're looking for.

Opportunities are available now for independent sales reps -  contact us and let's start a conversation!